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Avoiding the Stress of Overload

For too many of us, feeling anxious and overwhelmed has become the new normal. But this may just be the time you finally get a handle on your to-do list and start working—and living—at your best.

Taking on too activities can have many negative consequences, both in your professional and home life:overload

  • It can cause a high degree of stress and eventually lead you to “burn out”
  • It can lead to neglect of your personal life, with planning and activities eating into time you’d spend with family and friends, relaxing, or exercising
  • It can result in a failure to meet your core responsibilities because you’re too busy with lower priority tasks

Time-blocking and prioritization are two important keys to daily productivity.  Look at your to-do list, figure out where you have blocks of time to act on those items, and then prioritize.  Try to keep your defined “work” actions to 15 to 30 minutes each. These are the “chunks” of time where you can stay focused, minimize interruptions, and work effectively.

To help overcome a tendency to take on too much work, you should, also,  know your core responsibilities and goals.  Weigh the importance of assignments in relation to these responsibilities before agreeing to take them on.

You should also schedule your available time. Once you can see that your schedule is full, you’ll know not to accept further work.

However, it’s often difficult to say “no.” Find ways that help to buy time so that you can prepare an appropriate response without immediately taking on responsibility for a task. Also, try to ensure that if you refuse a request to take on more work to do so in a way that won’t cause offense and that doesn’t invite further discussion.

We would be glad to help you develop strategies to get control of and free up more of your time.

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Maybe you can buy Unhappiness

Life is about experiences, however so many people get so caught up in churn of acquiring material items that they forget what truly makes them happy.  Newer cars, bigger houses, the latest cool piece of electronics to hit the market are great but is it what you really need?


Sure, the latest gadget may make you feel good for the evening, but that high is temporary, and you will be back chasing that retail high shortly after.  Toys are fun but they are not who you are.

Get out and experience the world.  Even if you can’t afford to get away, become tourist in and around your own city.  Skydive, bungee jump, go to the beach alone, take a hike on an unknown trail, go up to a complete stranger and invite them for coffee, read a book outside; there are so many things you could be doing that will enrich your life that doesn’t involve buying things.

Making your life richer is not always about getting richer in the monetary sense.  Learning a new language or skill, developing a hobby or just taking a bit more time meditate and relax can help to move you in the right direction.

If you feel that you might need help with that we are there to help.

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Easing into Change with Micro-Commitments

goal chart


Let’s not sugar coat it – change is hard (for you, for me,  for all
of us.)

To be human is to resist change. Everyone wants something different, but part of them is pushing back – BIG TIME.

So how do we overcome this “built in” resistance when a client is staring down the barrel of a huge change they are trying to bring into their life?   We do it by chunking and subdividing that change in smaller, easier changes that you can deal with more directly and easily; micro-commitments.

Committing to accomplish your entire weight loss goal in one swoop is pretty daunting, but what if we look at just loosing 3 pounds in the next two weeks?  That sounds infinitely more do-able, doesn’t it.

Once the first of these micro-goals is accomplished, momentum is established and the next piece of the goal looks much more attainable.  Then you look at the next piece and decide a realistic time frame to get that completed.

Before you know it, you are at your goal.

When you are ready to start let us know, we’re here to help!

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