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Avoiding the Stress of Overload

For too many of us, feeling anxious and overwhelmed has become the new normal. But this may just be the time you finally get a handle on your to-do list and start working—and living—at your best.

Taking on too activities can have many negative consequences, both in your professional and home life:overload

  • It can cause a high degree of stress and eventually lead you to “burn out”
  • It can lead to neglect of your personal life, with planning and activities eating into time you’d spend with family and friends, relaxing, or exercising
  • It can result in a failure to meet your core responsibilities because you’re too busy with lower priority tasks

Time-blocking and prioritization are two important keys to daily productivity.  Look at your to-do list, figure out where you have blocks of time to act on those items, and then prioritize.  Try to keep your defined “work” actions to 15 to 30 minutes each. These are the “chunks” of time where you can stay focused, minimize interruptions, and work effectively.

To help overcome a tendency to take on too much work, you should, also,  know your core responsibilities and goals.  Weigh the importance of assignments in relation to these responsibilities before agreeing to take them on.

You should also schedule your available time. Once you can see that your schedule is full, you’ll know not to accept further work.

However, it’s often difficult to say “no.” Find ways that help to buy time so that you can prepare an appropriate response without immediately taking on responsibility for a task. Also, try to ensure that if you refuse a request to take on more work to do so in a way that won’t cause offense and that doesn’t invite further discussion.

We would be glad to help you develop strategies to get control of and free up more of your time.

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Be happier. It’s your choice

That may be a surprise, a new thought, or the something you most need to be reminded of.   Namely, that how you feel is  a choice. How you feel in any given moment, on a daily basis, is what makes up how happy your life is, and it is your choice.

Too many people think that feelings are something that just happen to them, like the weather just happens; outside their control.

Some people will argue that being happy in the face of unpleasant situations is fooling oneself. True, and that’s not what’s being suggested here at all.

It would truly be a shame to wait until your deathbed to realize that the amount of happiness you allowed yourself to have through the course of your life was mostly a matter of choice.

Sure, exceptions abound. We’re not talking about experiencing the death of a loved one or any other of life’s real tragedies. They happen, but they are incidents, not the whole of life. We’re talking about choosing to live with an attitude of appreciation for what one has, and choosing to have the feelings you want, instead of the ones you’ve been programmed to have by society, family, media, politicians and the like.

We can help with that.

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Let’s resolve to choose an Intention rather than a Resolution.

An Intention is a positive directional desire grounded in a goal. It artfully recognizes the journey of change and begs the question of how an Intention is going to be supported. It is by its nature, less declarative and softer than a Resolution. Therein lies its power. An Intention opens the door for individuals and coaches to explore a desire, ask deep questions and ultimately, organically, build a support structure to explore and fuel positive change.

Let me know if you need any help.

Watson Life Services . “Because Your Mind Matters”