Maybe you can buy Unhappiness

Life is about experiences, however so many people get so caught up in churn of acquiring material items that they forget what truly makes them happy.  Newer cars, bigger houses, the latest cool piece of electronics to hit the market are great but is it what you really need?


Sure, the latest gadget may make you feel good for the evening, but that high is temporary, and you will be back chasing that retail high shortly after.  Toys are fun but they are not who you are.

Get out and experience the world.  Even if you can’t afford to get away, become tourist in and around your own city.  Skydive, bungee jump, go to the beach alone, take a hike on an unknown trail, go up to a complete stranger and invite them for coffee, read a book outside; there are so many things you could be doing that will enrich your life that doesn’t involve buying things.

Making your life richer is not always about getting richer in the monetary sense.  Learning a new language or skill, developing a hobby or just taking a bit more time meditate and relax can help to move you in the right direction.

If you feel that you might need help with that we are there to help.

Watson Life Services . “Because Your Mind Matters”



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