Embracing and Coping with Change

How much change have you experienced in the last year?

changeChange is routine in today’s workplace. And, no matter what you do, there is really no way to escape change.

However, you can choose how you react to it.

If you can embrace and cope with change, you’ll be in a much better position to incorporate the new elements into your existing life in a meaningful and non-aggravating manner. You’ll be seen as a flexible and adaptable team player, and this reputation can open up many opportunities.  If, however, you consistently resist change, you can come to be seen as “part of the problem,” and an example of why the change is needed.

Coping is simply the way that we think about and deal with stressful events.  

It’s often your attitude towards change that determines your emotions and your experience of it. Some people view change positively, and see it as an exciting opportunity to learn and grow. Others see change negatively, as something to fear and to avoid.

People who resist change will likely find themselves passed over for promotions, or left behind entirely as their workplace moves in the new direction. The inability to cope with change in one’s personal life can lead to great stress, and other negative physical and psychological effects as well.

Change is unavoidable; the negative life effects of change are not.  We can help.

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