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Easing into Change with Micro-Commitments

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Let’s not sugar coat it – change is hard (for you, for me,  for all
of us.)

To be human is to resist change. Everyone wants something different, but part of them is pushing back – BIG TIME.

So how do we overcome this “built in” resistance when a client is staring down the barrel of a huge change they are trying to bring into their life?   We do it by chunking and subdividing that change in smaller, easier changes that you can deal with more directly and easily; micro-commitments.

Committing to accomplish your entire weight loss goal in one swoop is pretty daunting, but what if we look at just loosing 3 pounds in the next two weeks?  That sounds infinitely more do-able, doesn’t it.

Once the first of these micro-goals is accomplished, momentum is established and the next piece of the goal looks much more attainable.  Then you look at the next piece and decide a realistic time frame to get that completed.

Before you know it, you are at your goal.

When you are ready to start let us know, we’re here to help!

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Be happier. It’s your choice

That may be a surprise, a new thought, or the something you most need to be reminded of.   Namely, that how you feel is  a choice. How you feel in any given moment, on a daily basis, is what makes up how happy your life is, and it is your choice.

Too many people think that feelings are something that just happen to them, like the weather just happens; outside their control.

Some people will argue that being happy in the face of unpleasant situations is fooling oneself. True, and that’s not what’s being suggested here at all.

It would truly be a shame to wait until your deathbed to realize that the amount of happiness you allowed yourself to have through the course of your life was mostly a matter of choice.

Sure, exceptions abound. We’re not talking about experiencing the death of a loved one or any other of life’s real tragedies. They happen, but they are incidents, not the whole of life. We’re talking about choosing to live with an attitude of appreciation for what one has, and choosing to have the feelings you want, instead of the ones you’ve been programmed to have by society, family, media, politicians and the like.

We can help with that.

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Are you “Intrigued” by your personal challenges?

An attitude of INTRIGUE is the necessary first step in embarking on the journey of discovery which will lead you to progress in the resolution of those challenges. It’s only with this attitude of intrigue that people can become willing to do the introspection necessary to take this journey.

The primary obstacle to developing an attitude of intrigue is the tendency to think of self-examination as equivalent to self-criticism. Self-criticism does nothing to help make forward progress where careful constructive confrontation is the only type of communication useful for moving forward.

Can you be curious and respectful in looking at yourself? It really is the only way to constructively inspect situations, habits or relationships that may be working against your progress without hindering your progress yourself.

Contact us, we’re here to help!

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Let’s resolve to choose an Intention rather than a Resolution.

An Intention is a positive directional desire grounded in a goal. It artfully recognizes the journey of change and begs the question of how an Intention is going to be supported. It is by its nature, less declarative and softer than a Resolution. Therein lies its power. An Intention opens the door for individuals and coaches to explore a desire, ask deep questions and ultimately, organically, build a support structure to explore and fuel positive change.

Let me know if you need any help.

Watson Life Services . “Because Your Mind Matters”