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Sometimes getting there takes a little assistance. Coaching services or Hypnosis might be that boost it takes to get you to the next level now.

Here at Watson Life Services we provide one on one sessions customized to your specific needs to give you the edge you need to recover, to thrive and to excel. We provide a range of Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy services so if you are looking to take your game to the next level, drop some pounds, quit smoking or are in need of a more comprehensive plan to get your life supercharged we can find the combination of services that you need to succeed.

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Hypnosis can aid with a multitude of challenges, including stress and anxiety relief, self-esteem, weight loss, pain management,  and many, many others.  Hypnotism as a stress control and pain management modality has been around and in use for hundreds of years. When properly utilized it can be an amazingly fast and simple means of healing and self-improvement.

  • Anxiety and Stress Control
  • Focus and Concentration Enhancement
  • Depression Management
  • Sports Performance
  • Pain Control (Chronic and Acute)
  • Habit Control (Smoking, Weight Management, etc. )

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Watson Life Services . “Because Your Mind Matters”

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"Because Your Mind Matters"